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Web Development | Graphic Design

Your website is your ambassador to the world, and your design is your voice. Make sure it’s polished, well dressed, and articulate!


Hyper – Realistic Portrait Paintings

Design it. Print it. Watch it. Create it.

Design means whatever you want it to

Graphic Design does not have a set list of options. It’s a magazine layout, a graphic banner, a convention display, a video, a documentary, an animated logo…whatever you need. So let’s create something beautiful!

Custom and Responsive Web Design

20 + years exeperince

A passion for the industry

Industry standard Equipment and Sofware

Flexibility to work in YOUR voice


Art is the core of all progress. But I also just really love to paint.

Web Design

I have ten years experience in designing unique, and mobile friendly websites.


Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics…My degree in Animation and Game Design gave me the foundation I needed to create innovative and professional video.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a BIG term. It can be print, magazine layouts, graphic banners…basically it is what you say it is, and I can help!

About Me

 As a life-long artist, I was early to jump on the Adobe bandwagon and started playing with Photoshop soon after it’s release in 1990

After Graduation I found ways to take on design projects for local businesses and friends with bands, or upcoming events.

I took classes in Graphic Design, Fine Art, and Computer Graphics until receiving my degree in Animation and Video Game Design from The Art Institute of Seattle.

As a master of necessity, I also learned Web Development and Design, along with the foundations of SEO, (search engine optimization), and a few coding languages.

I have had the good luck to work on some very exciting projects; from a promotional video for heated socks, to complete branding and marketing for a wine tasting room and all their marketing materials.

I can help you find your look, your voice, your message, and what makes you or your business unique!

Let’s Go!

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